I'm Geljado

Hello Internet

Hello there, I'm sure we haven't met yet, so let me tell you a bit about me.

I'm the artist behind the name Geljado, and as a person I go by the name Broken Symmetry (Any shortification is ok to me).

I was born 1998 in Germany and lived here ever since. My interest for art sparked in 2013 when I discoverd My Little Pony and the art loving community of it.

Since then I have been making pony content and other "illustrations". But I also do photography, which I started in summer 2018.

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Latest Artworks

24k Of Grey

There is always a moment in our lifes, where we let things down. This moment is now over. (At least for me)

After a long unwanted brake I'm back and ready to make art again. Starting of with this colourful piece.

Who said only 'cause I'm grey, I can't have any colours? .. n... no one? oh ok I guess.



There is not a lot to say when it comes to this piece. I always wanted to draw an atelier themed image. But I never was either good enough or motivaded enough push it to the end.

How ever, finally made this one with Blender. The final render took a bit over an hour on my 1660 TI.

But most importantly, it was a lot of fun, to create that piece!