Work in progress..

Update - 06.07.2021

Moved Walle Catalog over to it's own site, redirection is in place.

Updated sitemap.

Started a few day ago on a new wall-e project; A website to describe "TSC" files.

Update - 21.10.2020

I decided to redo the entire thing. Ready for version 4? I'm surely not.

Work Done

Update - 28.12.

F*** I meant amlost 2020

Update - 4.12.

Almost 2019

I do think about updating my website design a bit in order to make it more immersive.

Update - 25.09.

I just notice one of the biggest problems with my website is that is outdated. Not in a technical way (HTML/CSS/design standarts) but in it's "content way".

I already did the first step and added one of my "more recent" artworks on to the home page. But I'm Thinking about more.

Currently it's just a thought, but I'm considering to redesign some parts of the website to make it interactive and to make updates on my side easier.

If you have any ides you can send them in at

Update - 03.05.

I added a rough support for mobil devices.

It is triggered when the website is viewed in a vertical format


Update - 02.05.

I finally finished the website.

Update - 14.04.

Ok, as you can tell, I've been not able to release the site yet. I was mostly working on school projects and the art-event.

I'm kinda sad because the I made a small mistake, and now my artwork wasn't accepted in the result of that.

How did that happend? I usually make a 'pre-artwork' which I plan to enter with, if I'm not able to get the main artwork done.

Unfortunately one of the conditions was, to make something completly original. My pre-artwork was based on the first spacewalk of humanity.

Anyway I was still working on the site quiet a bit. Mostly bug fixes. But here are the things that did change:

First of all I made the gallery, for the Photography and Illustration site, more responsive. It can sustain five rows for a wider range of screen sizes.

Secondly I added the impressum. The text is not placed in a pretty way on the site, but it is fine for the purpes it has. TO BE JUST THERE.

Thirdly I'll add another point to the navigation called "News" or "Newsfeed". I'm still deciding where I put it and if I choose the short or the long name.

It will basicly just be like a blog that over that I'll post all new artworks and projects I started (Only collabs and Events).

Info - 04.04.

I've got no real update, but rather an small info:

Scince I commited myself to an art event, I'm going to be bussy the next few days.

I worked a bit on the site since the last update, but most of it where bug-fixes.

Update - 23.03.

The basic layout is now done and I started to add the first drafts of text.

There are also a few sites I finished for now:

I made for both a simple grid and filled them with as much content as I could get.

While that I also Improved the overall code and are so far happy with everything ;)

I still need to make an the Impressum. I also need to create a machinism, with that people can view larger versions of the images, that are in my gallery.

I'm also planing on add details to every single picture,.. but I still have to see if I really want to do that. (AND I DO)

Update - 19.03.

I've set up a basic layout for the new site.

So far there are 5 pages.

  1. Home

  2. Illustration

  3. Photography

  4. Gallery

  5. Impressum

I'm looking forward to include a system to view single images from the gallery.

Or in other word, I'm trying to set up a html template wich fills it's own content based on the url.